Tuesday, January 21, 2020

New Year's Family Picture

We had a wonderful time together as a family over New Years! 
We played a lot of games, had a lot of great talks, 
opened many thoughtful gifts, and we only shared a little bit of sickness :) 

The annual cousins picture (missing ChristyAnna, who was napping).

Thankful for this group of amazing siblings! 

David got a drone for Christmas, so we helped him 
get a little practice by posing for a family picture.

Introducing the Newest Young Mueller

Toby Malachi Mueller
Born January 14th, 2020
10:48 a.m.
7 lb. 10 oz.
21 inches

We are so thankful for this new little life given to Joe and Mary Jane! 
Everyone is doing great!

Toby doesn't know it yet, but the Chicago Cubs have a new fan :) 

Sisters with the little man.


Mary Jane's sister made the boys these adorable matching hats.

Rusty and Toby

Janna and Toby

Joey is very excited to have a brother that looks like him (meaning like mommy's side of the family, instead of daddy's side).

Karis takes her responsibility as the oldest very seriously and she loves it.

ChristyAnna and Toby

Headed home from the hospital.

We love you, sweet boy!

Saturday, May 25, 2019


We are delighted to have added the first set of twins to our family!
On April 27th, Valerie gave birth to beautiful twin girls.
The girls were born at 37 weeks and 2 days, via a planned C-section.

Joanna Michele Waller
7:29 PM
5 lb. 7 oz
18.75 in

Ruth Susanna Waller
7:32 PM
6 lb. 6 oz.
19.75 in 



Happy family of 6!

Ruth and Joanna

Ruth and Joanna

Joanna and Ruth



Joanna and Ruth

It works out great...Abigail and Timothy each have "their own" baby!

The girls are identical twins and as they are beginning to fill out a little bit, they are becoming quite difficult to tell apart. We are looking forward to trickling down to Texas over the next few weeks and getting to meet these sweet little girls!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pinning and Graduation

On December 13, 2018, HollyBeth finished her nursing degree at Waubonsee Community College.

Her nursing class

HollyBeth receiving her pin, cords, and certificate as a member of the nursing honor society.

Dad got to pin her as a nurse.

Most of the family was able to attend. Believe it or not, we were faster getting our picture than most people who only had a few family members there! 

HollyBeth's goal is to become a Certified Nurse-Midwife. She calls Laura and Tucker "her babies", because they are the first two births she was ever privileged to see.

On May 18, 2019 she walked in the graduation ceremony at Waubonsee. She graduated with honors and received her Associate in Applied Science in Nursing, which she completed in December. She also received an Associate in Arts, which she completed in May.

Dad was the only one who was able to attend the graduation in person, due to work and travel schedules, but the rest of the family was able to watch the live broadcast of the graduation and caught some nice screenshots of the occasion.

HollyBeth gave an "I Love You" wave to all the family watching on the livestream.

HollyBeth has already started the next step of her education, an online RN-to-BSN program. She is enjoying working at a local hospital as a nurse.

We're proud of you, HB!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Welcome, ChristyAnna!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of . . .

ChristyAnna Joy Mueller
January 15, 2019
2:34 am
9 lb. 3 oz.
22 in.

Lots of beautiful, dark hair!

Because it is flu season, the hospital was not allowing visitors under the age of 18 . . . starting, sadly, right on ChristyAnna's birthday.  The kids were very disappointed that they couldn't go to see her at the hospital, but it made her homecoming even more special.

Her siblings adore her!

Janna is doing a great job being a big sister for the first time . . .

. . . although she was distressed that "The baby's not working!" (in her own words) when the pacifier failed in its responsibility to pacify her.

Karis turned 6 on January 19th, and she was praying that Mommy wouldn't be in the hospital for her birthday.  She was delighted to have Mommy and her little sister home in time for her birthday . . . plus Nana, Papa, and several of her aunts and uncles who came up to meet ChristyAnna and celebrate with Karis.  (Her other grandparents and several of the aunts and uncles on that side were also able to come celebrate the birthday girl . . . and bring the cake!)

I love how Rusty is holding out his hands for her...so sweet!

Finally his turn!


Welcome to our world, Baby Girl!