Friday, October 22, 2010

A Golden Sunset

Remember a picture speaks 1,000 words.... :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bisson Visit

It finally worked out for three-quarters of the Bisson Family to make a trip out to our place and spend a few days!  We've been looking for an opportunity like this for years!  We had a delightful time, though we felt it far too short.  However, as we were having such a wonderful time, we didn't get a whole lot of pictures.  Thus you'll just have to be satisfied with those I can supply.

They were able to arrive on Thursday afternoon, and stayed until Monday morning.  The weekend was mostly spent chatting and playing games together, but there were a few slightly more organized things we did on Saturday.

The morning found us heading to Cantigny, which involved observing the fall foliage, touring the Robert R. McCormick Mansion, enjoying a picnic lunch, going through the First Division Museum, and climbing on the tanks at a few different times throughout the day.

I pause now to supply a number of photographs.

The day "began" beautifully.  It was slightly brisk, but not freezing cold - exactly how a nice fall day should be.

Our national flag - May it remind us to pray for our country, and for those who are fighting for our freedom.

Despite the turning of the seasons, there were still many beautiful roses to behold.  Notice the backdrop in this picture is a clear blue sky - it was a very nice day.

Another rose picture

One more gorgeous rose

 There were other pretty flowers about too. (I'm just partial to the roses.)


These three pictures were so pretty that I couldn't decide which one I liked best and should post.  Thus, I have decided to post all of them and you may vote on which one is best, if you so desire.




The colors in this photo aren't very sharp, but it is still pleasant to the eye.

Revisiting the site where Jared Barta proposed to my sister Becca over 4 years ago.  (She said "Yes", by the way, in case any of our followers have missed that significant piece of Mueller family history.)  The gazebo, we observed, has been replaced.  The colors in this picture are much sharper.

 They are in this one too.  Lisa observes the foliage.

Zachary decides to rest his little legs.

Sarah was kind enough to smile upon the photographer's request.

Yes, I am aware that David's hat takes away from the beauty of the picture, but it really doesn't do justice to the pretty trees showing off their turning leaves anyway.

The staircase into the mansion.

Climbing on the tanks is a favorite must-do at Cantigny.

Spectators!  :-)

Gabriel looks down the barrel of a gun.  I wonder what he was hoping to find?

Stranger yet, now he is reaching down the barrel of a gun.  If you reach in far enough, can your arm get stuck?

Everybody pose on the tank for a picture!  (Well, everybody who was climbing on it.)

Here are half of the girls.  The other half didn't pose.

We stopped at this little old place in Wheaten for some sugary sweet treats and popcorn on the way home.

It's just an alley that's had a roof put over it and been turned into a little shop with popcorn and "penny" candy.  This picture gives a better idea of its size.  Yes, that's as wide as it is all the way back.

In the late afternoon/early evening on Saturday, there was a good group coaxed outside to play baseball.  Many were grateful that there was only time for one inning for each team before dinner was ready.  :-)

After dinner, part of the group enjoyed some time playing round robin ping pong.

Sunday, after the evening service, we decided to stay up a while, relax, and have some game time on our final evening together.

Mom said, "Look up and smile!"  Click

How often do you walk into a room and find three four-person games going on at once...and find that all the players are members of only two different families?  (Yes, the math brings that to 12 people.  The 13th one you can count in the picture is because one of the "players" was actually a team.)

Another game in the next room over.  These players look very focused.

An exciting game of Imaginiff...especially when it is well past bedtime for all of us.  :-)

Proof that the Bissons were at the Mueller house.  :-)
I guess I could introduce them for you.
Kendra, Kathleen, Mrs. Jean, Christina, Gabriel,
Serena, Sarah,
Hannah, and Lydia Bisson

Proof that the Mueller family was home when the Bisson family stopped by.  :-)

I failed to mention that we had lots of fun on Friday night with everybody playing Pictionary.  Please forgive this comment for being misplaced chronologically.

Bissons, you're welcome back any time you can make it!  We enjoyed the time together so much and look forward to another opportunity.

P.S.  That's the best I've done in a very long time with getting around to posting something while it's still "news".  Aren't you proud of me?  :-)