Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Update on the Mueller Family!

Greetings from the Mueller Mice! We hope your new year is going well! Here is our annual new years newsletter that we sent out with some quick updates on everyone.

Dad and Mom celebrated 37 years of marriage on September 23. They also welcomed their 10th and 11th grandchildren this year! We think they are the best parents in the world and we are so thankful to have them as ours. Dad’s work has been changing and he is now working for a different company.  Mom keeps busy running the house and homeschooling her youngest three children.

Heidi (23) continues to work for Neighborhood Bible Time and enjoys it very much. During the summer she purchased a Ford Escape and is lovin’ it! She is taking an accounting course at a local community college this semester, but before school started, she went down to Texas to visit Adam and Val and Abigail and really enjoyed that.

Kimberly (21) has had a very full year! She received her Diploma in harp performance from ABRSM in May and continues harp lessons. She babysits several times most weeks and teaches a few piano students. She took a course in American Sign Language this fall. She upgraded harps and now has a concert grand. Most exciting of all, though, is that she got engaged to Joshua Palazzolo on November 27! They are planning a 2016 wedding. We are very excited for these two and can’t wait to see how the Lord will use them together.

David (19) is persevering in his schooling at Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and cannot wait to graduate in April. He works part-time for Firestone and has enjoyed the opportunities he has had to work on our cars in his small amounts of spare time. David received an unexpected blessing this fall in the form of a few toolboxes and many, many tools. An older man in our church who had been a mechanic had passed away and David was given most of his tools. David is still trying to organize them!

HollyBeth (17) is a senior in high school, but she took some college courses this past semester at a local community college. She enjoyed taking a sign language course this fall with Kim ( they are both taking another this semester also), has been taking some CLEP tests, and also completed her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course. HB just took her state certification exam this month, so soon, Lord willing, will be getting a job. She is excited to be taking four more courses this semester. HollyBeth got her driver’s permit in September and loves to practice driving!

Zachary (15) is a freshman in high school and is just as busy as ever! He spends most of his free time outside playing football or street hockey with the neighbor kids. We sometimes call him the Neighborhood Events Coordinator! He has definitely grown into a young man this year as he took on more responsibility with David being gone most of the time. He likes playing around on the piano and can play almost any song by ear. He loves drawing in his spare time.

Lisa (13) is in 8th grade. It’s hard to believe that the youngest is now a teen! She is expanding her crafting abilities, enjoying card-making and crocheting. She is improving on the piano and enjoys spending time with our neighbor girls. She has also been working on learning the flute, and has improved dramatically over the past several months!  She is quite excited that she is now taller than HollyBeth.

Adam and Valerie have moved twice this year. In April, they began renting a home from a couple in our church, a few minutes away from their old apartment; then, in November, they moved to Texas. Adam’s job moved to Texas, so they followed it. Abigail (2) is very busy and keeps them on their toes.  They are very excited that they will be welcoming their second little one in June!

Jared and Becca are staying busy out in Iowa. Jared had a job change at the beginning of 2015, which is going well. They enjoy working with the teens at their church. Becca keeps very busy with homeschooling and being a full-time mommy to their five kiddos: Willie (8), Conner (almost 7), Savannah (5), Cody (3), and Weston (18 mos.).

Brian and Julie have had several changes this year. Brian has branched out from the piano shop where he was working and is focusing on building his own piano tuning and rebuilding business (his website is knoxpianotuning.com for anyone interested). He has also started delivering mail on Saturdays. Julie has several piano students and stays busy keeping an eye on Derrick (2) and Caleb (10 mos). They welcomed Caleb John Knox on April 9 and are enjoying their time as a family of four.  However, they are looking forward to becoming a family of five in May!

Joe and Mary Jane are still up in Wisconsin. Joe continues to work for Falls Baptist Church and Baptist College of Ministry doing all of their publications. They are also helping with a church plant. They were delighted to have Caleb Russell Mueller (8 mos) join their family on June 2. Karis (3) and Joey (2) love being big siblings and keep Mary Jane very busy.

We enjoyed having our family all together this New Years!

God’s blessings to you all in the coming year!