Friday, June 28, 2013

Derrick's 2nd Day

Julie was feeling much more perky today (in fact, so was Brian) after getting some good rest and such, so they invited us to come all at once this time.

WARNING: This is a picture overload....but then again I've never heard anybody complain along those lines yet!  It's so hard to pick and choose pictures, but believe me, I did!  :-)

(I apologize in advance for the pictures the program decided to turn during the uploading process.  I haven't yet figured out how to outsmart Blogger.  :-)  )

He's crying!  :-/ 

Random fact: Though Derrick is the fourth nephew for most us, he is only Becca's second, and is the first one she's been able to meet as a newborn!  Her other nephew is the son of Jared's older brother and was born before she joined the Barta family.  In fact, he was one of her little ring bearers for their wedding!

Not everybody got their picture taken today.  David, Heidi, and Mom were among those.

Most of the other pictures show Derrick
straight on or the right side of his face,
so I was pleased when he turned his head
to show of his left side.  :-)

While Julie was out of it for a minute, Brian thought he should check and make sure the bed was comfortable for her.
A cute picture of Savannah with her Aunt Julie

Cody is pretty sweet too.  He loves to snuggle and smiles A LOT!  :-)


The Knox Family

I love little feet!  :-)

Derrick Richard Knox (Post 3)

Group 3 went after naps and dinner.

The Cute Group
(Jared, Becca, Willie, Conner, Savannah, Cody, Kimberly)

Brian is catching on to this daddy thing pretty quickly.  :-)

Meet your new teddy bear from your cousins, little Derrick! 

 Aunt Kim and Derrick

We're ready to hold him!  Is it my turn yet? 


Willie and Derrick

Cousins!      Conner and Derrick
Cousins!        Savannah and Derrick

Aunt Becca and Derrick (with Cousin Willie looking on)

It seems Group 3 failed to get a picture of Jared (actually, he was probably the one taking most of the pictures), and Cody didn't hold Baby Derrick.  Therefore, I think I'll close with this other picture of Cody.