Thursday, June 27, 2013

Derrick Richard Knox! (Post 1)

Pictures, pictures, and lots more pictures!

We split into 3 groups to go meet Derrick so the new family wouldn't be quite so overwhelmed by having 13 visitors all at once, and to give them a chance to rest between visits too.  It also allows the baby-holdings to last a little bit longer for each person (which is definitely a perk!), and helps keep younger ones from getting bored and tired while they're just waiting around for everybody else to get their turns.

This post contains pictures from Group 1's visit.
(Mom, Heidi, David, Zachary)

I thought I'd open and close this post with a somewhat artistic photo (vs. actual baby picture).

I thought this one was a good one for the head of the post.

Nana and Derrick

Aunt Heidi and Derrick

Uncle Dave and Derrick

Uncle Zach
and Derrick

Face shots:

Making a little pouty face  :-)

Profile shots:

Hair shot:
 His hair is a light brown color. 

The guys:
Baby Derrick, Uncle Zach, Uncle Dave, and proud new daddy, Brian

 Tired, but happy, mommy and baby.
(Julie and Derrick)

And at the foot of this post, I thought this picture would serve nicely.

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Sarah said...

Congratulations to your family, one and all! Thanks for starting and ending the post creatively... it was a nice touch. :) As always, I enjoyed the many pictures.