Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chicken at the Mueller B&B?!

This morning, when Zachary went out to enjoy the great outdoors for a while, he was startled to be greeted by a chicken saying, "Good Morning!"  :-)  No, seriously, one of our farmer neighbors recently acquired a stray chicken that is still bent on straying. . . and it spent the night in our garage!
We found it very humorous!  :-)

 My family tried to get me to confess to sneaking it in. . . but I can't.  It's against our subdivision rules.  :-)  My research has shown that we are allowed to have a pot-bellied pig, if we like,
but not chickens.  :-)

We knew the chicken was wandering around a lot yesterday,
we just had no idea that it came into our garage!  :-)

In summary, as the title implies, we did have a chicken at the Mueller B&B. . . but, while it did stay overnight,  you can be sure it didn't get any breakfast from us!  :-)