Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Visit With the Joe Mueller Family

 They're starting him out the right way!  ;-)
Joey wore this outfit on Sunday when he came home from the hospital.

We got to go meet Joey on Monday and spend a few hours with him and his family.

Our estimated arrival time was slightly off, so we actually got to their place a little before they returned from an outing.  Thus, our first sight of Joey looked like this!  :-)

I got to get the little fella out of his seat and be the first to hold him this time.

You can probably imagine how much
I complained about that!  ;-)

Joey's fingers are really quite long and his span pretty wide.  Here his hand is compared to mine.

Comfy with Aunt Lisa

A pensive moment, I guess.  :-)

Joey is a very laid-back, content little fella - a real sweetheart.  :-)

Do you want to guess what book this is that has so thoroughly captured HollyBeth's attention?

Funny how easy it is to detach yourself from a book when the right opportunity arises! ;-)

He's thinking about opening those eyes!
There are so many different voices, though - I'm not quite sure what I'll find when I open them!

Just one little peek!

Maybe it's OK after all?????

Uncle Zach's got him!

Aunt Kimberly's turn

Mommy, what's a "photograph"?

Are you talking about me over there?

Hmmm. . . I'm not too sure about all of this. . . I'll have to think about it. . . .

I told Papa all about it!  He was so kind and sympathetic!

Papa, talking to you makes everything better!

I'm learning how to give Nana good hugs!  She loves me very much!

People comment on how big I am. . .but in Uncle David's arms I feel so little!

Nap time!  O blissful thought!

Our visit was timed to coordinate with taking a couple of my siblings up to the Victory Conference at Falls Baptist Church.  Joe had to step away for part of our visit so he could finish up a couple videos to be shown in the opening session that night, but we were glad for the time we were able to spend together!

When we weren't getting our turn to hold Joey, we were enjoying conversation with his parents and spending time with his big sister.  She loved all the extra attention!  I kept trying to get clear pictures of her, but she was so active that they were all turning out blurry.  I'm including some of them anyway.  I was loving all the expressions she was making, but my reaction time was too slow, so the camera didn't really have much chance at catching very many of them.  :-/

Karis was playing with her dolly.

Karis enjoyed playing with Uncle David and her teddy bear.

With Aunt Lisa

With her Mommy

Working a puzzle with Uncle Zach

Uncle Zach kicked the ball under the table toward me.  She was going to find it!

Karis loved chasing and getting chased by Uncle Zach!

 Those eyes!

I'll close with a final picture of Joey.  All the attention wore the little fella out!  :-)