Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Finish line is in sight !!

Hi all, It was a rainy day here with chances of snow tonight. Joe is home for the Thanksgiving holiday with one of his buddies from school. Everyone but Dad went out to check out the house today, Dad had to work.

Having the railings stained makes a big difference. They really look I am told :^))

Here are a few know you're getting close when the appliances begin to show up.

Hard wood floors are all in, the tile guy is working diligently on tiling the bathrooms and the trim man was still finishing up on trim.

Most of the kitchen cabinets are in place now, they still need to complete the island and then do counter tops and sink and all.
We also have the top soil (black dirt) spread...looks nice for dirt....grass will be much better.

We have a walk through on December 10th and closing is tentatively scheduled for December 14th.

Looks like we will be in the new place before Christmas.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Railings, Electrical, Painted, Trim and Floors Started

The oak railings have been installed as well as the bottom oak step. They have installed all the electrical outlets and some of the light fixtures. The painting appears to be completed and the trim work started.

They have installed the closet doors in many rooms and there are kitchen cabinets on site. Underneath all that cardboard in the kitchen area below is hardwood floors. The heat appears to be running, which is good for the floors. There is ceramic tile in boxes ready to be installed.

Below is the morning room...they are still working on the hardwood floors here. You can see the color as some is left uncovered.

Progress continues...not sure how much will get done next week with the Thanksgiving holiday. Our neighbors on both sides have their foundations poured. They will probably begin framing their homes in the next two weeks (weather permitting). Sandy will probably go inside next expect a bunch more pictures and updates.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gutters, Driveway and Neighbors !!

This week they completed the gutters and the driveway on the outside. They also moved the electrical location for the air conditioner to where we wanted it and started to spread some dirt. On the inside they continued working on the mudding and preparations before painting. I think the colder weather has slowed the dry time so they have a portable propane heater running to warm it up inside and dry things out.

We also have neighbors building on both sides of us has the foundation walls up the other just has the footing forms set in place. There is also a hole dug across the street and down a few houses .... hey, that makes a Neighborhood !!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Siding, Shutters and Sidewalks

This week they got the first coat of taping and mudding done. They have also completed the siding including the shutters, and we have sidewalks.

Next week they plan to finish the mudding and possibly get the painting started. They are also planning to put in the driveway at the end of next week.

There is someone working at the house every day.

Here is a new look at the front of the house.