Saturday, November 17, 2007

Railings, Electrical, Painted, Trim and Floors Started

The oak railings have been installed as well as the bottom oak step. They have installed all the electrical outlets and some of the light fixtures. The painting appears to be completed and the trim work started.

They have installed the closet doors in many rooms and there are kitchen cabinets on site. Underneath all that cardboard in the kitchen area below is hardwood floors. The heat appears to be running, which is good for the floors. There is ceramic tile in boxes ready to be installed.

Below is the morning room...they are still working on the hardwood floors here. You can see the color as some is left uncovered.

Progress continues...not sure how much will get done next week with the Thanksgiving holiday. Our neighbors on both sides have their foundations poured. They will probably begin framing their homes in the next two weeks (weather permitting). Sandy will probably go inside next expect a bunch more pictures and updates.

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J&B said...

Wow! Really taking shape now! Looks like you could almost move in!