Monday, October 29, 2007

Family Update

We went to Jared and Becca's house for the weekend to help with some projects while the ladies attended a retreat. We were also able to celebrate Jared's 25th birthday and Kimberly's 13th birthday at Mom and Dad Barta's.

Heidi will be staying at Becca's for the week to get in some quality time with her.

Julie is down at the Fine Arts Festival this week as a sponsor and accompanist for many of the MMBA students. She enjoys this time down at BJU because she gets to catch up with some friends and see the Tompkins family.

The younger kids have also been having a good time building box tunnels in the garage before we get the boxes all packed and ready to go.

Joe continues to do well at school and is looking forward to coming home for Thanksgiving.

That's the quick update, the rest of us are just excited about the house.

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