Monday, May 12, 2008

Current Events

Joe Is Home!
The plan was to go and get him around 10 or so this morning. However, when Mom was doing her hair this morning, getting ready to leave to go get him, she looked up to see him in the standing there in the doorway! SURPRISE!! He had come home with our youth pastor and his family (who were up there last night) and arrived at the house around 3 o'clock this morning. He had a key and managed to get in (with all of his stuff) without anybody noticing (good thing we don't expect Noelle to be a watchdog, because she failed and would have been fired-I guess she is a true Mueller--sleeps through any and every thing). Everybody was delighted as they woke up at there different times and each discovered the wonderful news! Unfortunately, he won't be able to be around for very long, though we don't know when the end of the all to short time to have him home will be. Please pray for God's clear direction for what to do this summer-it is, as of yet, undecided.

Working On The Old House
As our commitment with our realtor is up and thus the house is not currently on the market, we have been doing a bit of work on it to try to give it a little more appeal. For those of you who know what our house looks like, I'll give an idea of what has been changed. All of the green in the Living Room, Dining Room, Stairway, and Upstairs Hallway has been changed to a basic beige or khaki type of color. We are currently replacing all of the carpeting on all the stairs and in the Music Room (which hasn't been changed since we moved in 20 years ago, but actually wasn't all that bad because it has almost always been quite well covered-whether bed a double bed, dresser, and such, or by the piano, desk, and harp). As soon as it works out, we plan to put new shingles on the roof-please pray for good weather and for safety.

Good Times This Past Weekend
Saturday was the wedding of a wonderful lady at our church and many people came in from all over to be there. Some good friends who moved from here out to South Carolina last year came back for the wedding and stayed at our house Thursday night through Saturday morning. Jared, Becca, and Willie stayed here Friday night through Saturday night. It was wonderful to see everybody again! Jared's parents, another family from their church, and another family from our church (as well as all those who stayed at our house) got together for a very enjoyable time of food, fun, and fellowship on Friday evening!

I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures of these things up on this post, but I figure I can add them later and at least get the news up for now, even though it does seem kind of incomplete. I suppose it is fine---at least for now.

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