Saturday, March 7, 2009

Willie ~vs~ Conner?!

No, not any sort of fight...just a comparison. Following is an e-mail that I sent to my family and the Bartas that I am posting at their request.


Hello, and Good Evening to each of you tonight!

Are you trying to rely on your memory skills as you try to decide how much and in what ways Willie and Conner look alike? Do you wish you could remember better what Willie looked like at that age? We all know that he has certainly grown up since then, so looking at him now doesn't really help all that much. Are you having trouble finding Willie's newborn pictures? Did you put them away so safely that nobody can harm them...not even you? Do you just wish you could find a way to compare your two nephews/grandsons side-by-side?

Well, I am here to announce that where there's a will, there is still a way! I have come up with a way to compare the side-by-side and am pleased to give you that opportunity as well! You will find pictures of both Willie and Conner as newborns attached to this e-mail! The pictures are very similar...but they certainly have their differences as well!


Do you know which is which?! :-)

The one on the left, here, is Willie, and Conner is on the right.

~Heidi :-)

P.S. I just got curious myself, and went to the Mueller and Barta family blogs and looked in the archives for the pictures we posted of Willie. There are similarities...but they're not as similar as I had been thinking. Just thought y'all might enjoy seeing them too!

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