Monday, April 27, 2009

Basement Adventure

We had some fairly minor basement flooding on the 6th. It was only about an inch or so of water - just enough to get everything wet. Zach and Lisa went down to the basement on an errand and came back up all excited because there was water all over the floor! Apparently the sump pump had a piece of plastic wrapped around the bobber which prevented it from tripping the pump on. We now have everything that is on the floor in tubs. :)

Entering the basement

drying out the wet boxes

This is the carpet for the play area. Dad used the Shopvac on it. There were about 45 gallons of water in it! The littles thought that it looked like a mountain when it was up on the coolers like this, so they drove their tanks all over it. They thought it was great fun!

Joe's 21st Birthday was on April 8th. We sent him a box of goodies. Don't you think it was very well labeled?

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