Friday, May 1, 2009

What is wrong with this picture?


5thMouse said...

I know! I know! ....But since you only just put it up, I'll not give away the answer so soon to those who might like a chance to figure it out for themselves. :-)

If nobody else comes up with the answer in the next day or two...then I'll help them out...but it would be really quite sad if they couldn't figure it out. :-(

Come on folks...y'all do know how to comment, don't you?!

It's a lot more encouraging to keep posting when one gets feedback and comments on their posts...hint, hint. :-)

Huba Family said...

I know; do we want to tell yet?

Katie said...

I know the answer! This would have been a good post for April Fools' Day!

I won't say any more for fear of giving it away. ;-)


JBWC said...

only 30 days in April? and no year visible on the expiration?

Right? ;-)

Kimberly said...

That is correct! There are only 30 days in April. None of us had ever seen April 31 before so we found it quite amusing!

JLB said...

Something that is also wrong...
There is still plastic on it, and no cool whip OR strawberrys.