Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Lipizzans!!!

We went to see the Tempel Lipizzans on Wednesday. It was very enjoyable!
The foals coming over the hill.
The foals were allowed to run free in the arena.

The carriage demonstration.
The young stallions - still in training (the stallions that is), - so the riders had to wear helmets. This particular horse was being rather feisty.

It is rare for a Lipizzan to stay dark. When they are born they are either dark brown or black and by the time they are four they have turned white except for the few that never change. This is one of the "Special Dark" horses.
The Pas de Trois
The Quadrille

Works in Air

The stables.
The horses were beautiful.!! I am sorry for the lengthy post, but it is very hard to choose just a few pictures especially when they are of horses. :)


Bisson Family said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for alllll the pictures.

Russ said...

Looks like fun, Kim! With a kick that fierce, those horses need to carry rear-view mirrors. : )

JBWC said...

Love all the pictures - makes me want to head over there and go see them too!