Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let Me Add My Voice

It is September the 11th.  Nine years ago our nation was attacked.  I remember that day relatively well.  There are bad memories: those of the attacks themselves, not knowing what might happen next, watching the news and seeing the physical pain and death, seeing the pain of those whose loved ones were killed, and the fear of those who didn't know whether their loved ones were dead or alive....  There are bad memories indeed, but there are also some other priceless memories.  I remember seeing policemen, firemen, paramedics, military servicemen, other emergency crews, and volunteers doing everything they possibly could.  There were so many who wanted to help somehow, but couldn't, or didn't know how.  Everybody was working together, checking up on their friends and families, hugging and comforting people they had never even met.  Many who had been unwilling to acknowledge God, now turned to Him for help.  The nation was brought together through this crisis, and many re-focused their attention on God.

I want to join in with many others who are taking advantage of the memories associated with today (and the patriotism those memories revive), and express my gratitude in some very small way to all those who sacrificed at that time, at other times in the past, and to those who are making daily sacrifices that I may live without fear and experience the freedom for which so many have fought and died to protect.

This is a general statement, yes, and I mean it whether or not I know you, however, I do have an ever-growing number of friends and family members of whom I am specifically thinking as I write the following note of thanks.

To all those in the military and other vocations of service to the United States of America (whether your service is past or current), and to all the loved ones of those in such service,

Thank you for your sacrifice.

My daily life and freedoms are influenced by the sacrifices you make continually for your country, and I can never be grateful enough.

May God bless each and every one of you for your willingness to serve, and may He protect you as you sacrifice all to keep your country safe and ensure its freedom .

God has used you to bless America!

Thank You!

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Bisson Family said...

Nice thoughts, Heidi!
I like the patriotic theme, too! :)