Monday, January 10, 2011

Dogsitting Fun

Our neighbor down the street asked us to watch her dogs for her while she was gone from Tuesday the 21st through part of Friday the 24th of December.  Zachary, with a little help and oversight from Heidi, was quite thrilled at the opportunity.

Following is the result of a collaborative effort between Zachary and Heidi to share with you just a little bit of the fun they had.

Introducing Mac
 "It's cold out here!"

Zach and Mac
"We're making faces at each other."

Introducing Jack
 "What do you think you're doing taking pictures of me?!"

Zach and Mac
"Nurse, I could use a little more help!"
(No, Zach was not operating.  Mac was allowing him to rub his belly.)

Jack and Mac
"Tag - You're it!"
(These boys like to ruff-house, just like any others.)
[Yes, "ruff-house" was an intentional misspelling.]

"Me again?!"

Zach with Mac again
"Awww, he cares about me!"

"Oh, is it my turn?"

Zach, Jack, Mac
"Get Zach!"

Zach and Mac
 Dogs ~ boys' best friends

Zach - as if you couldn't tell :-)
 "Heidi thought I looked a bit engrossed in the dogs."

Mac and Jack...or is it Jack and Mac???
"Do you know which is which? "

Dogs and Zach
"Oh, oh, a treat!!!!!!!!"

Thus, Mac, Jack, and Zach looked forward to spending a little while together every day and had a rather enjoyable time of it.


Bisson Family said...

Sounds like a rather entertaining pet-sitting opportunity! So, in the second-to-last picure, is Jack the one facing the camera?


5thMouse said...

You're good, Sarah! It took me a good while to learn which was which. Zach and I were frequently correcting each other. :-)

It was fun. Zach and I made a good team as he had the energy to run around with them and I had some know-how as to how to care for them.

Lest it sound like I didn't give them any attention, I did give them some good petting, but they had to slow down if they wanted attention from me. :-)