Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grandma & Granddad's 59th

Happy Anniversary to Grandma & Granddad! 

They celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary tonight!

To do something special for them, a plan was hatched up to give them a nice meal and serve them a quiet (which is significant) table for two by the fire with some soft music playing in the background.

Meet the waiter and waitress!

Lisa was thrilled to get to wear Kimberly's pretty apron.

Don't you think Zachary looks pretty sharp when he dresses up like that?!


It was a festive restaurant.

Zach and Lisa did a pretty good job!
(I don't think there were even any casualties!)

They seemed to find it enjoyable.

Congratulations, Grandma & Granddad, and thank you for your 59 years of faithfulness to each other!

We love you!

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The Other Julie :-0 said...

What a wonderful way to bless your parents/grandparents! That was so very thoughtful of you all.