Thursday, April 16, 2015

A New Arrival!

Brian and Julie welcomed a baby boy into their family on Thursday, April 9th!

Caleb John Knox
8 lbs. 8 oz.
20.5 inches
1:23 a.m.

Big brother Derrick checking out the new addition to the family!

Nana Mueller

Aunt HollyBeth
Aunt Becca
Aunt Kimberly
So much dark hair!
Aunt Lisa
Uncle Zach
Aunt Heidi
Cousin Savannah

Cousin Cody

Derrick got a new toy truck, and seemed quite pleased with it.

Congratulations, Brian and Julie (and Derrick)!  Welcome to the world, Caleb!


The Bennetts said...

Adorable! What a precious new addition to Brian and Juls and Derrick, but to all of his adoring extended family, too! Thanks for posting these!

sumlinkiddos said...

Caleb is a BEAUTIFUL baby! I know boys are supposed to be described as "handsome" but that term just doesn't do him justice. :) The picture of big brother inspecting Caleb is precious. Thanks for sharing!