Friday, January 25, 2019

Welcome, ChristyAnna!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of . . .

ChristyAnna Joy Mueller
January 15, 2019
2:34 am
9 lb. 3 oz.
22 in.

Lots of beautiful, dark hair!

Because it is flu season, the hospital was not allowing visitors under the age of 18 . . . starting, sadly, right on ChristyAnna's birthday.  The kids were very disappointed that they couldn't go to see her at the hospital, but it made her homecoming even more special.

Her siblings adore her!

Janna is doing a great job being a big sister for the first time . . .

. . . although she was distressed that "The baby's not working!" (in her own words) when the pacifier failed in its responsibility to pacify her.

Karis turned 6 on January 19th, and she was praying that Mommy wouldn't be in the hospital for her birthday.  She was delighted to have Mommy and her little sister home in time for her birthday . . . plus Nana, Papa, and several of her aunts and uncles who came up to meet ChristyAnna and celebrate with Karis.  (Her other grandparents and several of the aunts and uncles on that side were also able to come celebrate the birthday girl . . . and bring the cake!)

I love how Rusty is holding out his hands for sweet!

Finally his turn!


Welcome to our world, Baby Girl!

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