Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mueller Rescue Team!

Well, we got to try out the Mueller Emergency Response yesterday! We have had a bit more sun and a bit less precipitation the last little while, which caused all the straw all over the backyard to be rather dry-which makes it light and easy to move. Yesterday, Mom hurried outside and sent a little one to fetch Dad and tell him we needed his help to keep our "yard" from blowing away! By the way, it was quite windy! Almost everybody got out there and tried to help hold the straw down---this was attempted through standing on it, moving some of the ground staples, and using flags, logs, and anything else to hold it down. Daddy had to go out and get more staples so we could try and fix it up. Unfortunately, it was such an emergency that we failed to think of taking pictures-but it was quite the sight. :-)

Today, we went out and touched up what didn't get done really well yesterday. It is far less windy today. I didn't get any pictures of the workers (because I was out there helping this time), but after I came in I decided that I could at least take a few pictures of the yard so you might be able to understand how our "yard" could possibly be blowing away.

This is looking toward the North.

This is straight back (NE).

This is just a little farther over.

This is the sign that is just off our property in the very back corner.

This is the field that is on one side of our property line.

This is the view right across the street. It is called the Dickson-Murst Farm.

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