Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some Easter Blessings!

We had the blessing this year of having Becca, Jared, and Willie with us for Easter. Joe's spring break from college also coincided with Easter so we had the entire family together for the weekend! Here are some pictures from our fun times together.
Admiring Willie! First priority of course!

Our family colors Easter eggs each year for two reasons. Some of the kids really get into the artistic side of it. Others of us just like to eat them later!

Each year we bring dessert to the family get together with the Mueller clan. This year one of the things we made were "bird nests" (Rice Krispie treats) with "eggs" (jellybeans) inside. Very yummy!

"Look at all those crazy kids coloring eggs. Who wants to do that when you just have to smile and everyone adores you and gives you attention?"
Jared was the inexperienced Easter egg colorer. It's not something his family did much growing up. I think he had fun doing it though! He got daring trying some different color combos and layering. Quite artistic!

The big kids all enjoyed singing together again. It's been quite awhile!

We always have an Easter egg hunt. Our cousin Ashley proudly displays her eggs.

Aunt Kathleen has not lost her touch! She had Willie comfortable and sleeping in no time at all.

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