Friday, June 27, 2008

Closing on the Old House is getting closer!!

Hi all, we are just rejoicing in the progress to closing on the old house. My brother Tim came out last week to help he really did the fixes and I pretty much watched. We needed to put in several GFI outlets and some were a challenge because of all the ground wires...I would have been frustrated and at a loss. It even caused Tim to make a call to his buddy the electrician...made me feel better when he needed to call for help. But a BIG THANKS to Tim for helping to get the repairs completed which were requested from the inspector.

Only 1 thing left between now and closing...the buyer has until July 8 to lock in all their financing and then we should be closing on July 15th. Sandy will be happy as that should end the finacial freeze on discretionary spending ....maybe we will get the new drapes and paint etc. and I will be relieved to just have the expenses of one house to deal with again. God is so good and faithful ALWAYS...I have learned some patience through this and also seen many things that we can easily do without. Keep those 2 dates in your prayers...July 8 & 15.



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Alan said...

Praise the Lord! I have been praying daily for this to happen. It is cool to see how the Lord works things out.