Monday, June 9, 2008

NEW~Zachary Helps to Mow the Lawn for the 1st Time!!

Zachary is the star of this post! Dad was mowing our lawn and Zach asked if he could help him. Daddy told him he could and Zach stuck with it for the whole rest of the lawn--which included all of our pretty big backyard!

Zachary noticed me taking the pictures and turned back to smile--good thing Dad was the one really controlling the mower!

He is working on turning his "marshmallow muscles" into something worthwhile!

About half-way through mowing the back lawn, they were called in for dinner. At the table Zachary mentioned that "the girls make dinner while us guys do the work"! You think if we were to make him make dinner for us several days in a row maybe he would change his mind?! By the way, he did go back out as soon as he had finished his dinner and was standing at the door waiting for Dad to join him so they could get back at it again.

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J&B said...

What a good helper! Keep up the good work Zachary!

Love you!
~ Jared, Becca, & Willie