Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bill is out of commission for a while

Hi All,

It has been a rather eventful week. We are pretty much ready for Granddad and Grandma to move in on Nov. 8. Their room is ready, the ramp into the house is built and the room in the garage for Granddad is almost done. While Bill and David were finishing up mudding the drywall in the garage room on Tuesday night, Bill (that's me) did a dumb thing. I was standing backwards on the ladder mudding the ceiling joint and I slipped. The fall was about 5 feet straight down landing full force on my left heel. Thankfully I didn't hit anything else on the way down. Sandy was out doing some shopping...but was informed we needed to make a trip to the ER for some x-rays. I was pretty sure that the ankle was not broken, but not so sure about the heel. I was right, the heel has 5,6,7 breaks....they quit counting, let's just call it shattered. The ER doctors were surprised I didn't also break my hip or back, which is common with that type of fall. It is currently in a soft cast, I saw the orthopedic doctor on Thursday and he said so far no surgery but I need a CT scan on Saturday to check the joints and get some clearer pictures. Sandy has been taking pictures (external) so I may be able to post them later, it is a very pretty purple right now. Healing time is estimated to be 3 months (that's a long time) for now I have moved into the supervisor role and David is stepping up in the laborer role.

Thanks for praying....pray more for Sandy and the kids....I am not the best patient, I don't do well sitting around doing nothing...thankfully I have a laptop and wireless.

Sandy will be making the trip north next weekend to drive home with the girls since I have been advised not to fly due to potential blood clots.


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