Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good News Today - NO Surgery required

Hi All,

I went back to the Orthopedic doctor today and we confirmed that there is NO surgery required for my heel or ankle joints... he said he could if I really wanted it, but everything was falling within the acceptable tolerances....I obviously opted for NO surgery. So from this point forward it is just let the body do its healing and do what we can to protect it from any further injury. I am still in a soft cast for another two weeks while we continue to wait for swelling to go down and get back to "normal".

I did have a first the other night....we needed some supplies for David to continue on our projects (he has stepped up and been a great help). So off to Home Depot we went and I took advantage of one of those electric carts...beep beep, watch out for Dad....I must say I felt a little like a Grandpa cruising around the store...then I realized...I am a Grandpa. Oh well, I was thankful for the ride rather than using the crutches.

Time for more elevation and ice. Sandy has a bunch of pictures on her camera, I just haven't been able to download them here yet.

Take care,



JBW? said...

Surely with Heidi, and Val home the blog will get updated... right?



5thMouse said...

I know...I'm working on it...really! Just keep your eyes peeled, 'cause I am working on it, and when I finally get my drafts completed and posted you will have plenty to read, view, and catch up on!