Tuesday, December 16, 2008

God's Amazing Artwork!

I don't know about you, but I don't think I had ever seen as beautiful artwork anywhere as I saw in one of our windows this morning! Many of us wondered if it was actually real, or if somebody put stickers on the outside of the window or something. The fact is, however, that it was very real. It was God's handiwork! He was reminding me that He controls even the tiniest, little things, even those things which would seem unimportant! God loves us and desires to have our full trust. He wants us to walk in Him, and He wants us to rest in Him. He wants to be our all. Will we let Him? Will we trust Him? Will we entrust our lives and ourselves to Him? He is worthy! He is trust-worthy! He is faithful!

Following are some of the pictures. (No, I won't bore you with all of them - I took almost a hundred, though only sixty-some turned out.) An interesting note - though there were windows right beside it and all along that side of the house, there was only one window that had this wonderful frosty display.

Frost in the window, and yes, it is the real thing!
Look at all the intricate design!
(I hope it works out so that you can see the pictures.)

An interesting angle shot here.

This is just to try and show how much space it covered - it wasn't just a couple little things here and there - it covered the whole bottom of the window and up either side probably most of a foot!

It is quite interesting to try and photograph anything on a window as the camera wants to take a picture through - as opposed to of - the window.

1/12/09 NOTE: We figured out why only this one window had the frost. There was actually some condensation in between the inside glass and the outside one. As this is not how it ought to be, we just had it fixed about a week or two ago. No more frost. :-( (Glad we saw it and got the pictures while we could!)

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