Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whooping Cough?!

We think, and hope, that the worst is past and we are on the upward end of a terrible cough. We aren't absolutely positive what it was, but it is highly possible and quite likely that what David, HollyBeth, Zachary, and Lisa all are getting over is indeed the whooping cough. Yuck! I didn't even have it, but I'm telling you that it's not fun stuff! Hopefully we have been as selfish as we intended and thus kept it to ourselves instead of sharing it with any of you, especially since even those of us who didn't have it could have been carriers and not even realized it. We might have been more careful, but we didn't even realize what it might be until it was far too late.

Anyway, that is the most recent news at the Mueller household. More updates to come - sooner or later, but preferably sooner!

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MelodyJoy said...

ick...we've had that in my family before, and I well remember that that was not any fun at all. I hope y'all get over it quickly, and that you can avoid any others getting sick with it.

Melody (Rohlin) Preuninger