Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can't Be in Two Places at Once

Between Granddad & Grandma's birthdays (his birthday is the same day as Willie's, only 81 years earlier), we managed to squeeze in a weekend trip to Iowa to celebrate our grandchild's 1st birthday. Hopefully, Grandma Carter will forgive us for missing her 80th party so we could be in Iowa. We were able to celebrate with them on their actual birthdays.

Well, you know, Willie was named after Papa Mueller, so it was only fitting that we be there for his 1st birthday party if possible.

The little "Birthday Prince" was not much interested in wearing his crown for his party. Becca said he enjoyed it earlier in the week - the novelty must have worn off. He was happy to sit upon his new "boggan" throne from Aunt Julie though & let himself be pulled around by the younger aunts.

Hardly seems possible that a year has gone by already!
Becca did a great job on Willie's cake - fit for a "Birthday Prince"!
The castle was chocolate on bottom & strawberry on top.
Willie & Aunt Julie at Nana & Papa Barta's house

Momma Becca relaxes a bit after a couple of long days - Kimberly is great for those neck rubs & foot massages when Becca's all tuckered out - She's got it made when Kimberly's around!

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melimueller said...

Everyone looks so happy and healthy!!! Congrats to the Carter's for another year of their love. Everyone needs to do me a favor.... Give each other a hug, kiss, and an "I love you" from me! I think that will help until I see your wonderful faces again!


Cousin Melissa