Friday, January 16, 2009

Granddad's Birthday

We had the privilege of celebrating Granddad's 82nd birthday with him on Friday, the 16th of January. He was asked to choose one of his favorite meals and dessert - it was all delicious!

Granddad takes a really BIG breath before blowing out his candles.
We gave him 8 and 2 because 82 would be a fire hazard.

Looks like he got them all in one breath - I guess all of those years playing tuba still count for something!

He chose chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream frosting - we added the sprinkles. Yumm!

Of course the important thing is to be sure you serve Granddad's cake "lefty" style on his plate - that way he gets frosting in every bite (or so I'm told).

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