Wednesday, September 23, 2009


That's right! Somehow chicken pox entered into our household, and none of the six youngest had previously had it. Thus, it is currently running its course through the household.

If anybody would like to be exposed (or would like their children to be exposed), please contact us! We would be delighted to have you over and give you a plentiful opportunity to get it as well! :-)

Kimberly had the privilege of being the first one to have them. She is finally well.

David and HollyBeth definitely have them now. I believe they stopped counting when they reached 100 that they could see on themselves.

I seem to be having symptoms of its oncoming, but don't have the delightful, itchy spots yet.

Zach and Lisa don't have spots yet, but whether or not they're getting the early symptoms is a little bit harder to tell.

We would certainly appreciate prayer for patience in dealing with these chicken pox, but also for dealing with each other as it is especially easy to be short with everybody when we're not feeling well.


Melody Minion said...

Are you sure that you don't have it yet, Heidi?

I hope that y'all get over it pretty quick! It just hasn't been quite right at church with out you all! :)

I'll be praying for you.

5thMouse said...

Actually, I came down with the spots the day after this was posted. :-)

Lisa now has them as well.

Zach is the only one the spots haven't been able to catch up with yet, it seems.

I certainly look forward to being able to be back at church again - soon, I hope!