Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boys' Room Gets a New Look

We've been working on the boys' room - David wants planes to hang from the ceiling and Zachary wants trains. We plan to make a track go all the way around the room as soon as we are able. So, we are not completely done just yet, but at least the boys have finally gotten some color in their room. We do still need to hang the curtains and get another lamp. David & Zachary have been very patient - partly because the time wasn't yet right, but mostly because we had not found just the right thing until recently to please them both. Hopefully I'll post some further pictures when it is 100% complete, but here are some pictures of how it looks for now. By the way, did I mention their room now has some color?

The doorway - obviously!

The wall between the door and the closet

Same wall - closer

The ceiling, as you see it from the doorway

Another view of the ceiling

The far wall - looking straight in

Same wall - now with Zachary's bed alongside of it. David & Zachary were very anxious to put on their new comforters - wrinkles and all! Oh well!

The wall on the other side of the window

The wall to the right as you come in the door

Same wall, looking towards the doorway

And here's my favorite picture -
the perspective makes the door look like a credit card!
I think it's pretty neat!


Bisson Family said...

That looks really good! I like the new colors.

Melody Minion said...

what a difference! I'll have to come see it sometime! :)