Wednesday, October 7, 2009

They Made It To The Outside!

We have no idea where Kimberly was exposed to the chicken pox, so when she came down with them on September 10th, she surprised us all. Two weeks later when HollyBeth, David, Heidi, and Lisa all came down with them, we were not at all surprised; however, we were amazed that Zachary seemed to be sneaking between the germs. From the start of it all he said, "I know I have them on the inside because I'm itchy; they just haven't made it to the outside yet."

Well, Sunday Mom starting watching more closely as Zachary exhibited a couple of slight, yet suspicious symptoms. Sure enough on Monday Valerie noticed that a couple of spots, though tiny, barely noticeable, and questionable, had made their appearance on the outside. By evening those few spots had enlarged and become blistery so we were quite sure they indeed were chicken pox. Tuesday Zachary awakened to many new spots and other symptoms; it was certain that he definitely had not escaped the germs! Today his pox have multiplied yet again, but though he is itchy and miserable, he is facing them fairly patiently with the sweet distraction of his faithful sidekick & ever-loving sister, Lisa. She absolutely adores her brother and since she is still in the process of recovering from her own case of chicken pox, she is extra sympathetic and alert to his needs. What a sweet little nurse she makes! She's a pretty good parrot too - "Don't scratch! You'll make a bunch of scars!"

We are thankful God has allowed these chicken pox to run their course through six children so quickly - it could have dragged on through Christmas! We are also thankful to have them make their appearance before the children get any older - they say it's much easier when you're young.

Please pray God will give Zachary the grace to get through his turn in short order without complication as He has the other five children. We have much for which to be thankful! Please pray also that they do not affect Granddad & Grandma as shingles - so far, so good! We are trusting God to protect them.


Bisson Family said...

Not sure where to comment, but I thought you might want to know that the link to Sfz String Camp doesn't work. Have a great day!

5thMouse said...

Thanks for the info, it should be all fixed now.