Friday, January 1, 2010

Ice Skating on New Year's Eve

We enjoyed ice skating with a number of the folks from Becca's church in Iowa for a few hours.  Lots of fun!

I don't, however, recommend that you get too close to the ice.  There were a few of us who tried it (not on purpose, of course) and are still getting over the bumps and bruises it left upon us.  Thankfully nobody was severely injured.

Most of the pictures turned out really blurry, but this one is fairly clear (Sorry about the subject, folks.  That was really, totally not what made it the best picture!).  If you look closely, you can see HollyBeth and Zachary in the background.

Not a very clear picture, but a fun one.  Joe and Becca did some duo skating.

Chillin' out and chattin'


Kathleen said...

Some of us enjoy seeing you in pictures Heidi. You look like you were having fun. You give yourself such a hard time.

Bisson Family said...

Looks like a pretty big rink! Plenty of space for everyone; glad you enjoyed your time.