Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project at the Barta's

While Jared was off work for New Year's day and Saturday, he, Dad, and Mr. Barta worked on the downstairs bathroom at Becca and Jared's house.  They didn't finish it before we had to head home, but they made a lot of good progress.  It is seeing some extremely significant improvement.

The pictures are already seeing improvement.  They have already taken down the wallpaper that was in there. 

Here they are beginning to put up new "tiling" for the shower.

The shower looks oh so much better now!

While the men worked, others enjoy playing Settlers of Catan - a game we got for Christmas.


Kathleen said...

We have Settler's of Catan...some people love it. We also have a couple of the extensions - Cities and Knights, and Fisher's of Catan. It's great to see all your updates. :)
Thanks Heidi.

Bisson Family said...

So do you like Settler's of Catan? Your edition looks quite a bit different than ours, but it's definitely still the same game. :)

5thMouse said...

Well, the truth is that I haven't played it myself yet. It looks like it'll be fun from watching everybody else, but I can't yet speak from experience. I'll get around to trying it out one of these days.... :-)