Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Missions Trip - Monday

Monday started out with the girls working inside the church and the guys working outside. It was very warm outside! We were very thankful for air conditioning! Then after lunch Pastor Stringer (the missionary we were working with) took us up to Kitt Peak, which has the largest solar telescope in the world. In the afternoon we headed out to the Indian Reservation (about 50 miles away) for the first night of Bible Club, which consisted of a Bible story taught by two of the guys, a craft that was selected and prepared by one of the girls, a missionary story told by two of the the girls, and a game, selected and run by one of the guys...tonight's game was waterballoons! The kids loved it all! They also seemed to really be paying attention to what we were saying (except for one little boy who fell asleep during the first five minutes). :)

On the way to Kitt's Peak.
Enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Stephen climbed way up on these rocks!
He was able to get us some really nice pictures from up there!
We saw this symbol all over Arizona. This is the Man in the Maze.

The whole base of the telescope building was covered in ladybugs! It was incredible!

The different lookouts.
The largest solar telescope in the world!

Little Alyssa Estep - so precious!
The whole group.

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