Thursday, July 8, 2010

Missions Trip - Tuesday

On Tuesday, we started with work projects again, then went to Bible school the same as we did on Monday.

The guys working outside.
The girls worked on bulletin boards today. Niki and Stephanie did this board.
Heidi and Kimberly started working on this board today. It was huge! The biggest bulletin board any of us had ever seen (and some of us have seen quite a few).
After Niki and Stephanie finished theirs, they came and helped us.
Bible Club
Bible story!
Missionary story!

Nate, a boy from the church out there who came with us to help. He made a really neat wheel out of some of the empty matchboxes from the matchstick cross craft.
A very sweet little girl.
Craft time!

Game time!

Jacob, one of Nate's brothers who also came along.

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