Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy New Year to all!

Greetings to everybody!  As we look forward to what the Lord has planned for this new year into which we have just flown, I am making one public "New Year's Resolution".


My "New Year's Resolution" is... make more blog posts in 2013 than I did in 2012!  ;-)  For those of you who want to know exactly what that amounts to, you can take a look at the "Posts of the Past" listing on the sidebar below all of the pictures.  What you'll find is that your memory serves you quite accurately.  You didn't see very many posts this last year.  Actually, there were a total of 6 for the entire year.

Obviously, this *shouldn't* be too difficult...but it's a goal that I would like to reach.  I would personally love to go way beyond...I'm just not going to make a grand promises since I can't tell what this year will hold.

For those wondering about the weddings posts that were (and are) to come, but haven't yet been seen, let me explain what became of them.  I was carrying many loads at once.  The posts kept getting set aside because other things had a higher priority and greater urgency.   They kept weighing heavily on me and I had other things I wanted to post about that wouldn't take as long...but I don't like to back-post as I find that to be rather confusing (In other words, I like to keep things chronological.)...but I wasn't about to skip over the weddings entirely! Well, I needed to relieve myself of part of my load and get a few things off my mind so it would be more effective at what was required of it.  Therefore, I determined that I would go ahead and post things that were current (like my new nephew, for instance), and save each of the wedding posts for their one-year anniversaries.  Now you know when to be looking for them!  :-)  (And now I know when my deadlines are... :-/ )

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Sarah said...

And as one of your blog readers, I can't wait to see more-frequent blog posts! :)