Saturday, January 26, 2013

Latest News!

Hey folks!

Please allow me to introduce you to my newest little niece!

Karis Evangelynn Mueller was born this past Saturday (01/19/2013) at 12:18 in the morning!  She weighed 9 lbs, 13 oz, and was 21.5 inches long!

The Lord was faithful to supply much-needed grace for Joe, Mary Jane, and Karis throughout the many long hours of labor, and to bring them safely through that process.  They are all doing well.

Interesting fact: Willie Barta (Jared & Becca's first - who happened to be a boy) shares his birthday with his great granddad (Bruce Carter).  Likewise, Karis Mueller (Joe & Mary Jane's first - who happened to be a girl) shares her birthday with her great grandma (Eleanor Carter).  :-)  I just found that very interesting and wanted to share it.

Here is one of the first pictures they sent us as we waited up into the wee hours at the Stoll house with her other aunts - a delightful time, I might add.  :-)
After getting all the stats, sharing them with many friends and family members, seeing a picture or two, we all headed to bed...I think it was before 2.

They told us they'd be ready to have us come around lunchtime, so we got some semi-decent rest and occupied ourselves with wondering this, that, and the other thing about who she'd look like, how long her hair would be, etc., etc., etc. all the rest of the morning.  :-)

Karis looks so sweet and serene.

We got to sign in and wear official visitor passes.  I wonder what was going through the mind of each of the nurses who walked by and saw all 13 of us waiting in the hall outside their room while they made a few final preparations for our first visit.

Everybody got their turn to hold her.  I don't have those pictures until Mom brings the camera back, but I'll try and select some of them to make another post soon here.

Sweet little Karis

Here she is in the dress her grandpas picked out of the clothes Joe & Mary Jane had for her when Mary Jane asked for an outfit to be brought from the house.

 Her eyes are open again!  :-)

"Hi, Sweetheart!"
Oh, by the way, the first thing pretty much everybody said was "Look at those cheeks!".  They are pretty big!  In fact, we found it kind of humorous that, if you look at her straight on, you can't see her ears past her cheeks!  (I can verify that she does have ears, in case you were concerned.)

Here's the picture Mom sent us this morning - her last day up there.  What a doll!  :-)

Now, I know this is totally unrelated (except that it required us to come home sooner), but I'm including it in the same post so it does not appear above and hide the post about Karis.

I, Heidi, got my two bottom wisdom teeth pulled on Monday.  All went well, but here are some pictures for those who like to see chubby chipmunk cheeks.  =)

Photo Progression of Heidi's Recovery from her Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

Monday morning on the way home

Comfy on the couch

After first food - some lime jello for "lunch".  No, I wasn't pouting - That's just the way my face was swollen.  Yes, I had swallowed.  No, I had no idea I was saving that jello for later until I looked at the picture I had taken.

 Tuesday evening

Wednesday afternoon

 Friday afternoon

Saturday afternoon - The swelling seems to be pretty much done with its performance.
Now it's time for the bruises to show off.

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