Friday, February 1, 2013

January Birthdays

-January 16th-
Granddad's 86th birthday.

(It was also Willie's 5th birthday.
{my nephew} )

-January 19th-
Grandma's 84th birthday.
(It was also Karis's actual day of birth.
{my niece} )

 -January 31st-
Zachary's 12th birthday.

We celebrated Granddad & Grandma's birthdays together on the 15th as the birth of Karis was imminent and we were planning to head up to meet her upon her arrival.

Adam & Valerie were able to join us for the celebration.

They ordered lasagna for their birthday meal this year.

Bring on the cake!

Time for some cards & gifts

We celebrated Zachary's on his actual birthday - the 31st.

He got to have some of his friends over for the afternoon and evening as part of his special day.

Though not in these pictures, Adam & Valerie were able to join us again for his birthday celebration.

Some of his siblings decorated the house a bit for him.

As Zachary has shown a lot of interest in football of late, Kimberly made him this wonderful football cake!  (Very yummy, by the way!)

The three buddies - Jeshua, Zachary, Josiah


Bisson Family said...

Happy Birthday to all!
Zachary's cake is probably my 2nd favorite cake of all time. :)


5thMouse said...

Somehow I KNEW you would like it, Sarah! :-)

Kelsey said...

Love all these posts, Heidi! Keep them coming! :) Happy Birthday to all the January folks!