Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Knox Wedding Anniversary - Part III

I forgot about the time-lapse between Brian & Julie's actual engagement and their official photo shoot, so let me insert just a little bit here between where the last post ended and where this one was intended to begin.

So, Brian & Julie were engaged on February 25th.  They got a couple pictures together on Valerie's wedding day a week later, then a couple more at wedding two weeks after that, but their official engagement photo shoot wasn't until mid-April.

Here are a few pictures taken on Brian & Julie's one-week anniversary of their engagement.  :-)  (It was Valerie's wedding day, so that explains a few things like why the outfits look so familiar and why Valerie is in a wedding dress.)

Let's admire our engagement rings together.  :-)

Happily Engaged Peoples - Nice Photo

'Twas a chilly day. - Cute Photo

The following pictures were taken on Brian & Julie's three-week anniversary of their engagement.  :-)  (The fact that it was Joe's wedding day explains why you'd recognize their attire.)

You've said you'll be mine and that make me so happy!

After Joe & Mary Jane left, some of the others couples got a few pictures.  Brian & Julie had committed to saving their first kiss for their wedding which wasn't for several months yet, so they were the odd ones out in this picture of kissing couples.

We'll continue on now, as I mentioned in Part II, with pictures from Brian & Julie's official engagement photo shoot.  (A photographer friend kindly took the pictures for them.)

We'll start with a few or the more formal shots, I guess.



Now for some goofy shots - They can only handle being so serious for so long, you know!  :-)  No, seriously - Sometimes smiles get tired and worn out during photo shoots and people need a chance to talk or laugh and give their faces a chance to relax so their smile can look like it normally does.


What's that you've got in your Bible, Julie?

It won't come off!!!
(They wanted a picture of Brian putting her engagement ring on her finger - See above.) 

Hi!  :-)

 Let's just chill for a minute!

Beside the weddings of two of Julie's siblings, Brian & Julie's engagement period was filled with the normal things like work (for Brian, finishing up teaching for Julie), picking out wedding rings, planning and preparing for the wedding (which included making eight bridesmaid dresses, a dress for the flower girl and significant and intricate work on Julie's dress), visit both directions, meetings with their wedding coordinator and others with Pastor, bridal showers, other summer activities including our church's vacation Bible school, Sforzando String Camp, and I think Julie taught at a week of harp camp that summer too.

Brian & Julie's wedding was on August 11th, 2012....

...and I'll tell all about that in the next post!  :-)


jmcdwhite said...

I am enjoying the courting and wedding memories. Patiently waiting to read about the wedding Part IV. I enjoying reading about your inspirational sweet family and I enjoy seeing it grow and grow. Soon you will have to update with your sister's new baby. You have a wonderful inspirational website.

jmcdwhite said...

I have been enjoying to courting and engagement updates 5th mouse. I am anxiously awaiting Wedding Update IV. You will also have another niece or nephew to write about soon. I have never met your family but love reading your blog and find your family inspirational!