Sunday, August 11, 2013

Knox Wedding Anniversary

Well, we've gotten through more than half of 2013 already and, as you have probably noticed, I again have not kept the blog super active.  :-(  However, as promised, I am doing a post for Brian and Julie's one-year wedding anniversary.  :-)

For starters, I don't think I ever really gave a "Their Story" post as I have chosen to refrain from posting about relationships until it reaches the point of engagement (It just seems like this reduces pressure on the couple as they seek the Lord's will concerning their future spouse and whether or not this is the one He has for them.)...and this particular engagement happened to occur in the midst of a very busy season of wedding preparation - Exactly one week before another sister's wedding, to be precise.  Since that post didn't happen in a timely fashion, I decided to just put the whole story together.  Hold on to your hats, folks, we've got a lot of ground to cover!

On Saturday, February 25th, 2012, this fella asked my sister, Julie, to marry him.  She answered, "Yes".

I suppose I had better start even farther back than this, though, and include a few more details - like perhaps the fella's name and such.

The fella's name is Brian - Brian Knox, to be a little more specific.  They first met at Jared & Becca's church out in Iowa where he attends.  (Random interesting fact: It was discovered over time that Julie's mom's mom {and aunt} knew Brian's mom's mom "back in the day"!  In fact, Julie's great aunt still has letters from Brian's aunt...some of which mention him as a very small child!)  Julie and Brian began to get to know each other just a little bit in July, 2011.  He came out and celebrated the Fourth of July and Julie's birthday (which is on the 5th) with our family and part of the Stoll family (Mary Jane's family).

Brian came back on several weekends - It seemed none of us were being too successful at scaring him away.  ;-)

On August 27th, while they were out at the riverwalk in Naperville, Brian asked Julie if he could officially begin a courtship relationship with her.  Obviously, she agreed.

 Presenting the happy, newly-officially-courting couple!  :-)
Brian & Julie

AND NOW.....

I'm going to do something that I really didn't want to do.  Realizing that I cannot possibly complete this story before the day is out as was my goal, I cannot justify staying up to try when I really should be getting some much-needed sleep and will be much more effective tomorrow when my brain isn't trying to shut down.  Thus, I shall go ahead and publish just this little portion of a post and will follow-up with the rest of the story in the days to come.

I really have made progress on the rest of the story, it's just that it's not nearly ready to post yet.  If the story/post was a puzzle, I'd say that I have found about 3/4 of the puzzle pieces at this point, and I'd say that I have some of them joined properly together in sections of 5, or 3, or 10, or whatever, but others are still needed to join those sections one to another and create one full picture/story/post.

Anyway, that's all to say, Check back soon!  They'll be more to come!

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