Monday, July 14, 2008

Japanese Beetles....

We have Japanese Beetles in a couple of our trees and were wondering if anybody had any idea of an effective means of destroying them?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh, and I just found out, while I was mowing the lawn and accidentally hit the tree they are in, they do not like to be disturbed!

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Russ said...

Hey...we have them hit a little red bush by our house every year at just about the same time. They can eat it in just a few hours.

You might try dish soap mixed with water in a spray bottle. Last year that did the trick. Also, we got Sevin (dust or spray)and that's supposed to work. The longest lasting cure is "milky spore," which you put on the ground under the tree. I guess the beetles live under the tree? ...or something like that. Anyway, after about 2 or 3 years, I think it kills them. You might check with a garden center and see what they recommend. If you use Sevin, you'll need one of those cool little pump sprayers to get up high...which we have, so let us know if you need to borrow it. -rjb : )