Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok, I wasn't joking - I was really tired! Actually, I find the story somewhat humorous and would love to share it with you - perhaps it can give you something to laugh over as well.

Last thing I remember - it was about 5:30P.M. and Julie and her friend, Amy, were in the hallway outside of my bedroom, looking at the bookshelves, and Peter was just starting to sing at the top of his lungs....Next thing I know - I am wondering why it is dark outside? Why am I on Val's bed instead of my own? Why did I sleep in my regular clothes? Why didn't I cover Peter (my parakeet) like I always do? What time is it? What day is it? etc. ??????????????????? The answer - I had only intended to take a short turned out to be about eleven hours straight! I hadn't even awakened enough to roll over and thus spent the whole of the eleven hours sleeping on my side on top of a pocket full of nail clippers, pockets-knives, keys, and everything else and didn't even know it...until I woke up! I got up at about 4:30A.M. and now possess enough energy that I don't mind facing daily life - I think!

I plan to give the String Camp update tomorrow (Monday).


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