Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bible Quizzing

No, we didn't do it, but we got to watch it as it was a part of the service on Wednesday out at Friendship Baptist Church in Iowa.

Marquette hosts a Bible quizzing tournament every year, but most of us had never actually seen it take place before.  I had often wondered how this and that worked as I'd heard about it afterward, but it certainly helps to see it for oneself.

Anyway, that was something interesting to me at least.

There were three groups: the Rapid Reciters (teens), the Mighty Memorizers (elementary), and the Quick Quoters (adults).  Can you guess which team won?

The adults won, with the elementary kids close behind.  The teens...umm...well...they didn't do so hot....

I must admit that I would've guessed it wrong.  The adults were really on their toes and the elementary kids were doing extremely well at keeping focused in.  My automatic would have been that the teens should have had it easy, being a little quicker than the adults and more focused than the littler ones.  I totally guessed wrong - the teen group's final score was...umm...still  zero.  Ouch!

UPDATE ~ I stand corrected.  The teens did answer one correctly.  They ended up with 20 points.


MuellerMICE said...

Sorry, Heidi, but the teens had twenty points at the end.

5thMouse said...

Oh, sorry about that. My error.


Bisson Family said...

Wow! I'll admit I was also surprised. I would have thought the teens would have one. Hmm...