Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning arrives.  Some can't believe it's 7 already, while others can't believe how slowly the clocks have been ticking.  At 7 o'clock (the predetermined time for this year) we all go in and wake Mommy and Daddy up.  They never look quite as thrilled to learn the time as some of the younger ones do.  We work and work at convincing them to get up.  This year Dad says his heel is bothering him a bit, "Will somebody rub it for me?"  As we wait, a few line up and start rubbing each other's shoulders.  Somebody suggests that we pull out the video that our cousin made of us years ago to give to Mom and Dad for Christmas.  We had watched it every year for several in a row, but we hadn't seen in a few years.

It was pretty fun travelling down memory lane!  Lisa didn't even exist yet!  Zachary had no hair to talk about.  HB was the cutest little toddler.  David has grown up soo much, but is definitely still the same person.  Kimberly and Heidi have grown up a bit, but haven't changed all that much.  Joe's personality hasn't changed one bit!  Julie, Becca, and Valerie have changed a bit, but it is naturally less obvious as they were already older.

Thank you so much, Russ, for doing that!  I think it might become some sort of family heirloom.  I really enjoy it.

At about 7:30 (when we told Granddad, Grandma, and Aunt Margie we'd be downstairs to start stuff), we finally went downstairs.  We then proceeded with our usual Christmas morning.  We ate some muffins while everybody gathered.  Dad read us the Christmas story out of Luke 2.  We opened/poured out our stockings.  Then, in a very organized manner (as usual), we opened our presents.  Valerie fished out 2, 3, or 4 gifts from under the tree and gave them to some of the younger ones to deliver them to their recipients who opened them in all sorts of different manners.  After presents we had a delightful brunch.

The rest of our morning and afternoon was basically spent checking out/trying out our new things, and finding new homes for them.

Later in the afternoon we headed for the Mueller Christmas celebration.

Christmas Morning at our house

Granddad brought out his arm extender thingy so David wouldn't have to be everywhere all at once trying to pick up the wrapping paper.  He had a lot of fun with that.  He just relaxed and stayed put as we threw our paper toward him and it almost always landed within the reach of his extended arm tool.

Kim made this hat for Lisa to play dress-up.

Our dog is content just about anywhere.  She just loves to be a part of the family!

Here's Granddad sporting the new hat he got for Christmas!

Christmas Celebration with the Mueller side at Aunt Kathleen & Uncle Paul's house.

Uncle Tim and Great Auntie Rose

Uncle Ray always does an excellent job leading our Christmas caroling.

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