Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mueller Wedding Anniversary

"I pronounce you
husband and wife."

"You may kiss the bride."

"Mr. & Mrs. Joe Mueller

Yes, just two weeks after Adam & Valerie's wedding, we heard a very similar set of important and wonderful statements.  :-)  We rejoice with Joe & Mary as they celebrate their anniversary, and we pray that God would continue to bless their marriage for many days and years to come!

As I reflect on that major event, I remember some of the days leading up to it.  Illness struck.  Mom was down.  Several headed up a early in the week so they could help with the final preparations, but Mom had to stay back and try to rest up and get better.  I stayed back as her driver, with the hope that she'd at least get to come up for it, even if she wasn't really up to driving.  I remember wondering, hoping, praying that we'd be able to go.  I couldn't imagine missing my brother's wedding...or Mom missing her son's!  As each day went by nothing seemed to be changing.  God has a plan, I remember reminding myself.  I must trust Him.  It's so hard!  But what if...?  I MUST trust Him!  Just trust Him!

It came to be...Thursday, I think it was.  Mom told me to start packing the things that had been left for us to bring when we came (Come to think of it, that might have been a little risky...but an exercise of faith, I guess.) into the van.  Mom was still very weak and still feeling quite poorly so it took a long time, but we eventually got on the road and headed up to Wisconsin.  We arrived, and Mom slept for a very long time - probably longer than I've ever known her to sleep without one interruption or another.  Many people were praying that she would get some good rest, that her health would be restored, and that her strength would be renewed.

Let me just insert a little note here before I forget.  A lot of the details of Joe & Mary's wedding are a bit more foggy than some of the others for me between the simple facts that the groom's family tends to be a little less directly involved in the planning and preparations, and my arrival was delayed, causing it to be more difficult to be as aware of and involved in the final details.

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Mom awakened on Friday looking much improved.  I headed over to the church with the things I had brought so stuff could get set up for the Rehearsal Dinner that night.  Mom took it relatively easy at our friends' house (trying to save her strength in hopes of being up to joining us that evening), working on making Zachary's man-sized vest work out for his 11-yr-old frame, enjoying some wonderful, therapeutic fellowship with her sweet friend, and answering all of our questions about how to do this or that or what she had planned for such-and-such for the Rehearsal Dinner.

Well, over at the church things were coming together for the Rehearsal Dinner.  Mom texted to ask when somebody would be able to pick her up and bring her over - We had all the vehicles.  This is a good sign....though I hope she won't over-do it as we really want her to be able to be a part of the big day tomorrow!  The Rehearsal Dinner went well, as did the Rehearsal itself.

Joe & Mary's Wedding happened to share the date with St. Patrick's Day.  Both families having a definitely Irish heritage, we had a little fun with that idea during the Wedding Rehearsal, coming in with green and white leas around our necks, and the fellas all wearing green hats.  Some wore other green/Irish paraphernalia.

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

In addition to the wedding itself, David helped to make the day exciting by blacking out mid-ceremony.  He never actually lost consciousness so, after a break and with the assistance of a chair, he was still able to be involved in the ceremony with many watching, concerned, and praying for him.  Two tips to offer: (1) Don't stay up to all hours of the morning finishing up final projects...Get yourself some rest!  (2) Do eat before the ceremony...even if you don't really have time for it!

If you are interested in seeing their wedding program, they have it up as a PDF on their wedding website, or you can just click here.

I'm sorry I only seem to have these two candid photos to share:


 Introduction of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Mueller!

Following are a few of the posed pictures that the wedding photographer (our cousin, Rob) captured.

Mary Jane with her sisters

Mary Jane with Joe's sisters...her sisters-in-law for a year as of today (and happy to be so, I might add)!  :-)

Joe with his sisters

Indoor photo of the whole wedding party

Outdoor photo of the whole wedding party

Bride and Bridesmaids

 Flower girl added - She completely dumped her basket of flower petals and caused us all to laugh.  :-)

The Bill Mueller Family with all of the extensions

Wedding rings (and engagement ring)

The bride

Some pictures of just Joe & Mary

For those who really want to reminisce, the video is stillavailable on Joe & Mary's website here.  This is not professional videography by any stretch of the imagination, just the live-stream we had available so folks who couldn't be present with us could still be a part of the special day.  (The sound doesn't kick in until about a minute and a half into it.)

Extra Info:

The siblings of the bride and groom surprised them with a nice getaway car.

Joe & Mary honeymooned in the Smokey Mountains.  They reside in Wisconsin.

Joe & Mary welcomed a sweet little addition into their family in January - my niece, Karis.

P.S. I know this didn't get out as promptly as my last anniversary post did, but I'll have you note that I did still get it out on the day I had announced as my goal publishing date.  I just wanted to get that on the record.  :-)

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