Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We looked out this morning and saw snowmen falling unassembled!

First, let me begin by pointing out that I have successfully met and gone beyond my 2013 "New Year's Resolution" of  exceeding last year's total blog post count...and it's only March, folks!!!  :-)  I just needed to note that for myself and be sure you all noticed it too.  Thanks.

OK - On to the original point and purpose of this post.

It's been snowing pretty much all day!  After a long, virtually snow-less winter, it gives us extra delight.  We had a good little bit of snow a week ago today.  Some of it melted throughout the week, but there was still a decent amount left when it started snowing this morning, so it's covering the ground quite nicely now!

We are delighted that this snow is good for packing, so David, HollyBeth, Zachary, and Lisa worked together to build this snowman this afternoon.  It was nice that it was not super cold today.  They stayed out there for hours and hours!

They all started rolling balls for snowmen.  Each person rolled a ball big enough they could have curled up inside it if it had been hollow!



Zachary & HollyBeth

Placing the first ball and making sure it's a firm and stable foundation.

When they discovered that their middle ball was far too heavy to lift, they all worked together and rolled it up a couple of 2x4s.

That way a little....

Go get some snow to help pack them together.

Then they brought out the ladder.  :-)

Now interrupting to throw snowballs at the photographer on the other side of the window.  :-)

And each other too   :-)


Look out for the masked man!  (That's David)

I think that's good.

Now for the head.

A picture for scale  (Lisa & Zachary)
And the head is on! 

 Zachary works on packing it in place.

Meet Goliath!

Then they made a littler one.  Meet little David.

 No battle today - They're both a little too stiff to fight right now.

I was informed a while later that I had been looking at the back of the snowmen.  They had actually made them to face the main road.  I decided I should go get pictures facing the right direction.  As you can see, the constantly falling snow has already distorted their original beauty.

- David

Goliath -

One last picture of David & Goliath with HollyBeth standing between them.

Here's a mini one they made to sit on the grill.  (Those are ordinary popsicle sticks.)

We took advantage of the fresh snow and made some maple syrup candy which was thoroughly enjoyed before anybody thought to take a picture....but it was quite yummy and very sweet!

What else?  Well, last I checked it was still snowing, so the snowmen are continuing to grow!

I might have just created the longest blog post dedicated to the building of a snowman...not exactly a record I was interested in setting....  Oh well!  It's a post.  Who is glad just to see a post even though it is really only about snowmen?  (At least snowmen don't put up any fuss or make funny faces when you try to take pictures of them!)


Katie said...

WOW! That looks like fun.:) I live in California so we have to drive a few hours to get to the snow. Then you have to pay to be able to play in it. Mueller family you are very blessed. I also look at how blessed I am because we don't have to stay out all day getting dirty getting the snow off the road, or drive way. We are both blessed in different ways! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

Bisson Family said...

That is SO COOL! Goliath is way bigger than our snowman was. What a fun memory to have of building a giant! I'm glad the builders informed you that you were taking pictures of the back of the snowmen... I enjoy seeing how people "decorate" snowmen.


Abbie Sikma said...

What handsome snowmen! Goliath's height is quite impressive. Great job, Mueller snowmen builders.

@Heidi, I was just commenting to Mom the other day at how well your New Year's resolution is going. We are certainly enjoying the many posts and pictures.

Katie said...

I have to agree with Abbie Sikma. I love the posts! I look every day and I love to see how you are keeping up with the posts, too!