Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday~Greenfield Village

We spent Friday morning at Greenfield Village. I really enjoyed it there and I could spend a lot longer there if I ever have much of this wonderful thing called “time”. They had a bunch of “the real thing”s, as well as many replicas of a multitude of historic buildings, tools, instruments, machinery, and much, much more! There were also several people walking, riding, driving, and standing around all dressed up in clothes like people would have worn “back in the days”. I really don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a large number of those folks were volunteers – some of the things that some of them were doing, I would have been willing to volunteer to do, and enjoy it!

We didn’t have all that much time, so the choices were to either cover a few things in full detail, or cover many things in sort of a rushed fashion. We decided to get in as many things as we could. We started out with a ride in a Model T around the village. They tell you that "If you haven't ridden a Model T, you haven't lived." Though I'm sure you can live without having ever ridden in one, it is a greatly enjoyable experience!

This is the bigger one that I got to go in with about half of the family. It would’ve been used, most likely, as a taxi between an airport and a hotel. It wasn’t one that you’d often see being used as a family car – it was too expensive.
Carousels aren't necessarily anything unusual, but I thought this picture of Daddy and Lisa was pretty cute.
We got to see and go in this roundhouse. In front of it is a turntable. It is amazing how much weight a person can move so long as it is perfectly balanced. We didn't have opportunity to do it ourselves, but we watched as a boy about seven years old moved it all by himself. There was no engine on it, but they say that even when there is, it is a one man job.Hats from "back in the day".There were folks helping out, as well as just standing and/or walking around, who were dressed in the style of the day.A barbershop quartet. How often do we see guys walking around in outfits like this without thinking "They're weird"?
There was a field where they had many of the old fashioned games and such, a few of which are pictured below. We finally found a way to help Zachary use up some of his energy! We actually ended up coming home with one of these.

Joe tried it too, but wasn't as good as Zach.

Another toy - An old puzzle of sorts. Joe got this one figured out.

We also rode in a horse drawn carriage.

There was much more, but these were some of the highlights. It was a very enjoyable day, with something in it for everybody.


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