Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Evening~Montmorency Falls

Tuesday evening, Pastor Teachout and the kids took our family to see the Montmorency Falls. These falls are actually about 90 ft taller than the Niagara Falls, but they are not as wide across, which is why they're not as well known, I'd assume. They were just beautiful, and you can get even closer to them than we did to the Niagara Falls. There is a bridge that you can walk right over top and there are lots of stairs going down really close to the base of the falls. Daddy, Zach, and Lisa went down a little bit of the way, but Joe, myself, Kim, David, and HB went almost as far down as you could go (there was a little bit more, but there was about 6 inches of water covering it). We put our wonderful Maid of the Mist souvenir ponchos back on and we still got drenched. The walk back up, however, was not nearly so nice as the walk down. It is a long way back up those stairs! It was quite a chilly night and Pastor Teachout got us all some hot chocolate, for which we were all very grateful.

Here are some photos!

You can sort of see the bridge that goes right over top.Here are some of the sights you can see looking down on it from the bridge.

One side, looking down the bigger drop of the falls.The other side, looking at the smaller drop of the falls.
I was just amazed at the difference between the almost glassy water and then, all of the sudden, it becomes this foam!

This is a picture of the stairs that we went down. We went from the pavilion/gazebo thing (toward the top of the picture) all the way down to that bigger flat spot at the very bottom and center of this picture.This was taken on our way back up.


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